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A multi-sensory play environment unlike any other. Designed for tiny hands and growing minds.

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Current Installations

White to Wild

An immersive sculpture contains surprises within. Surprise center installation by Sofie Ramos.

Stick Stumps & Log Lumps

Meet our family of colorful, climbable friends, created by Chiaozza.

Break Zone

Yes you can! Safely enjoy the pleasure of smashing objects. Don’t worry, goggles provided.

The Portal

Enter a world of unbridled exploration where creativity abounds.


Help bring to life a verdant northern Californian forest with stickers by Barrow and Brush.

Hygge Nook

Sink into this room for a little rest and reading, our special brand of r+r.

Lumens Gallery

A wonderland of interactive projections, short films, and transportive soundscapes in collaboration with Lumen & Forge and Jody Stillwater.

Sensory Studio

Makers gonna make. And this is where we do it with our hands, eyes, ears, and noses.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Our infant discovery zone complete with giant stuffed toys, lifesize rattles. In collaboration with Jessica Caldas and Katie Gong.

Pit Stops

Restrooms don’t have to be boring. Take a pee(p) and see how Lorien Stern brings these to life.

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Education Programs

The Wild Child approach is child-led and hands on. We offer signature, sensory-based art classes, designed by educators to promote creative thinking and encourage self-expression. Come ready to make a mess, and we’ll do the rest.

Classes for Infants

Every Thursday - Sunday at 1:30pm

Classes for Toddlers

Every Thursday - Sunday at 10:30am