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Wild Child is where lifelong creativity begins. From a team of passionate artists, designers, and educators.

Play Out of the Box

When children play and create, millions of neural connections are formed that strengthen memory capacity and motor skills, language development, and spatial problem-solving. In older children, art is core to self-expression, a sense of accomplishment, and helps instill confidence.

Art encourages children to imagine new realities, test impulses, appreciate other perspectives, and discover different mediums. These skills are the building blocks for the next generation of creative thinkers and leaders that can meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world. So we say, let them play!

Meet The Team


Education Coordinator

Sara Haag

Experiential Design Director

Education Director

Artist-In-Residence & Web Designer

Brand & Art Direction


Design & Build

Brian Scharf

Design & Draft



Joanne Tran

Educator / Guide

Amelia Wood

Educator / Guide

Meet The Artists

Sara Fonseca
Jody Stillwater
Samantha Cooper
Erin Fong